The Future of Energy

Sunrise Global Solar Energy designs, manufactures and markets the world most advanced photovoltaic (PV) solar energy products.

Sunrise marries cutting edge technology with highly competitive manufacturing to produce a clean and reliable energy solution that achieves stand-alone competitiveness with deregulated electricity markets.

Our solar cells draw upon a breakthrough design developed by the Sunrise technical and engineering team. Sunrise utilizes a unique, highly automated process to ensure maximum efficiency, product quality and consistency while preserving best of breed manufacturing cost standards. Sunrise solar cells eclipse current PV technology on quality and cost.


Date:         Jun 13(Wed.)-15(Fri.),2012
Venue:      New Munich Trade Fair Center
Booth No: A2 335D
Date:      Oct 05(Wed.)-07(Fri.),2011
Venue:   Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center

Transfer to SAS Website

2014/8/1 Sunrise Global Solar Energy Co., Ltd. ("Sunrise") is merging
into Sino-American Silicon Products Inc.("SAS").

Our Success = Our People

Sunrise's team is one of the most experienced photovoltaic teams in the industry, drawing upon several decades of combined experience in the photovoltaic, manufacturing, electronics, engineering and scientific fields to deliver a staggering level of expertise in business development, growth strategy, operational management and technological innovation. Historically, this has resulted in a number of successful U.S. stock exchange listed photovoltaic manufacturers.